Using Orthotics To Mitigate Foot Pain


Foot problems can be a serious disruption to your quality of life. In addition to impacting your overall comfort, foot problems can also contribute to severe mobility issues. Learn more about the benefits of orthotics in battling foot problems below.

Orthotics Can Significantly Reduce Foot Strain

One common reason for individuals to suffer foot pain and other issues may be due to the way that the weight of the body is distributed over the foot. When this weight is not evenly distributed, it could cause extreme discomfort, and it may even start to contribute to structural issues with the foot. To combat this problem, orthotics are able to offer enhanced support to the foot. Not surprisingly, patients may find that the use of these orthotics can provide them with substantial relief from their foot problems.

Orthotics May Need To Be Custom Fitted To Provide The Best Results

Each person can have their own unique needs when it comes to the support that their feet are receiving. To make sure that you are getting the best results from your new orthotics, it is often advisable to have them custom fitted to your feet. There are tools that can be used to measure the areas on the bottom of your feet where the weight of the body will be the most concentrated. Once this has been determined, the orthotics can be designed in a way that will provide support to reduce the pressure on these spots on the foot. While custom-made orthotics can be significantly more effective, patients may assume that this will mean that they are also far more costly to buy. In reality, the costs required for orthotics can be relatively minor compared to the substantial relief that they will be able to offer you.

You Should Take Steps To Care For Your Orthotics

In order to meet your needs, your orthotics will have to be extremely durable. However, there are some basic care and maintenance steps that you will want to follow. Cleaning the orthotics is one example of this type of care. Without routine cleaning, the orthotics may start to develop unpleasant odors. However, you will have to be careful when cleaning the orthotics to avoid accidentally warping them. This could render the orthotics far less effective than what you require. To avoid these issues, you should always clean the orthotics by hand. During this process, you should also use a disinfectant that will be safe for use on these accessories. After cleaning the orthotics, they should be given time to fully dry before they are placed back into the shoes. 


5 January 2023

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