Recovering From A Sports Accident


Sports injuries can be extremely painful and serious medical problems to encounter. For those that are athletically active, it can be important to understand how they should respond to a sports injury before they are unfortunate enough to encounter it. Take Immediate Steps To Treat The Injury In the immediate aftermath of an injury, a person will want to ensure that they are applying the appropriate first-aid to the injury. One of these steps will be applying ice to the injured area.

24 November 2020

Need Foot Orthotics? Understanding Overpronation And Supination


While you can get over-the-counter foot inserts to better support your arch and feet in worn shoes, it's better to get customized orthotics since everyone has a different' gait. Rolling your foot to far inward or outward when you walk or run can increase the risk of injury and lead to other issues. Learn more about anatomical terms like overpronation and supination and why it's important to know your gait when getting fitted for orthotics.

30 July 2020

How Diabetics Can Deal with Pain from Charcot Foot


If you've just been diagnosed with diabetes, you are likely going through an adjustment period as you learn how to manage glucose levels, diet, and exercise. One aspect of this disease that you'll also need to learn about is comorbidities and side effects. Comorbidities are conditions that can coexist with the primary disease, but they also stand alone as their own specific issue. For instance, hypertension can be a common comorbidity of diabetics.

22 May 2020

How Cervical Disc Surgery Helps Pinched Nerves In An Athlete's Spine


Exercise should provide a person with a stronger back and protection against various types of debilitating diseases. However, some people may pinch a nerve during certain types of routines and find themselves in great pain. If this pain worsens and they cannot exercise, they may gain weight or experience other health issues. As a result, cervical disc surgery may be necessary. Pinched Nerves Can Cause Many Problems Various types of exercise put a unique strain on a person's body and make it harder for them to avoid injury.

27 February 2020