2 Tips for Setting Up Your Home for Your Recovery Period After Spinal Fusion Surgery


If you and your doctor have decided that a spinal fusion procedure is necessary, you may be worried about being able to take care of yourself after you leave the hospital. If so, there are a couple of things you can do to set your house up before the surgery that will help you during the recovery period. 1.  Clear Pathways Throughout Your Home One way you can help make your life easier, as well as safer, once you arrive home after your spinal fusion surgery is to clear pathways throughout your house.

8 November 2019

Is Orthopedic Surgery Your Last Resort?


The normal aging process brings about different health issues. Some of these affect your tendons, joints, and muscles. While tendon, joint or muscle pain can be stopped with OTC drugs, sometimes there is a serious medical issue requiring the doctor's attention. The cause of pain can be anything, including a disease like arthritis, joint overuse injury, sprain or fracture. If the cause of pain is not obvious, you may be best seeing a doctor for a diagnosis.

29 May 2019