Working With An Independent Orthopedic Evaluation Provider


When an accident victim suffers significant joint damage, an independent orthopedic evaluation may be needed. This can be a routine part of resolving these cases.

Establish Long-Term Working Relationships With An Independent Orthopedic Evaluator

It is likely that your law firm will need to work with an independent orthopedic evaluator on a fairly regular basis as this can be a common requirement for many accident cases. As a result, it can be beneficial for these law firms to establish a working relationship with an independent orthopedic evaluation service provider. In addition to potentially securing more favorable billing, this can allow you to get a better idea of the experience of working with these professionals. While these professionals will all provide similar levels of service to their clients.

Take Steps To Reassure The Client What To Expect When Undergoing The Independent Evaluation

While an attorney may be familiar with what they should expect when sending a client to an independent orthopedic evaluation, it is a reality that this is not an experience that clients are likely to have much experience with. As a result, they may not be sure what they should expect from this process. To this end, you may be able to reassure them and allow them to have a more productive experience by explaining what this type of evaluation will involve. In most cases, a client may assume that they should attempt to exaggerate their symptoms, but this can be a mistake due to the fact that it could compromise the credibility of the victim. Rather, individuals should answer honestly when discussing their pain or other symptoms during these evaluations.

Thoroughly Review The Results Of The Independent Evaluation With Your Client

After the independent orthopedic evaluation has been completed, a report will be prepared. This report will outline the results of the evaluation, which may include the orthopedic specialist's opinion of the severity of the injuries, the prognosis for recovery, and other critical information. Once the law firm receives this report, it can be instructive to discuss it with the client. This will allow the client to better understand the way that these results will potentially impact the case. In particular, these discussions can be essential when the independent orthopedic evaluation may not have found the same results as what the victim is claiming as this situation may require an adjustment in the legal strategy or goals of the victim.


20 October 2022

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