Diagnosing And Treating A Damaged Rotator Cuff


Age, arthritis, and injury can all cause stiffness, inflammation, and immobility issues in the joints. In most cases, this discomfort occurs in the hands or knees. However, the shoulder is also a joint that can be affected. The shoulder joint consists of four muscles known as the rotator cuff. If one or more of the muscles are stressed or damaged in any way, you will lose the ability to move or lift your arm properly.

11 July 2018

Signs You Need Shoulder Surgery


Shoulder surgery is a serious medical need that you shouldn't ignore. Whether your shoulder hurts from a recent injury, severe accident, or other condition, you shouldn't ignore the chronic pain you experience every day. Here are signs you need shoulder surgery that you should talk to your doctor about. The sooner you realize surgery is imminent and schedule the procedure, the sooner you can heal your painful shoulder and lead a more productive life.

26 March 2018