Diagnosing And Treating A Damaged Rotator Cuff


Age, arthritis, and injury can all cause stiffness, inflammation, and immobility issues in the joints. In most cases, this discomfort occurs in the hands or knees. However, the shoulder is also a joint that can be affected. The shoulder joint consists of four muscles known as the rotator cuff. If one or more of the muscles are stressed or damaged in any way, you will lose the ability to move or lift your arm properly.

11 July 2018

Signs You Need Shoulder Surgery


Shoulder surgery is a serious medical need that you shouldn't ignore. Whether your shoulder hurts from a recent injury, severe accident, or other condition, you shouldn't ignore the chronic pain you experience every day. Here are signs you need shoulder surgery that you should talk to your doctor about. The sooner you realize surgery is imminent and schedule the procedure, the sooner you can heal your painful shoulder and lead a more productive life.

26 March 2018

Two Tips To Help Keep Your Spine In Good Condition


Although it may not come across your mind very often, your spine is one of the most critical parts of your entire body. If it's not working correctly you may find it difficult to do things such as walk, stand and even sit. These are basic bodily functions that make everyday life much more manageable. If you've ever known someone who has an impaired spine, you know how difficult daily living can be for them.

20 June 2017

What Is Kyphosis And How Can It Be Corrected?


Kyphosis is the medical term that is used to describe hunchback posture. Essentially, this postural imbalance occurs because of an exaggerated thoracic curve. What Causes Kyphosis? There are two types of kyphosis that occur because of very different problems. The most common type is known as 'postural' kyphosis, and occurs when people maintain poor posture for a prolonged period of time. This type of kyphosis is generally caused from working at a computer for a long period of time without adopting correct alignment whilst seated.

18 May 2017

3 Reasons To Get Custom Orthotics


Custom orthotics are a great resource that most people can benefit from as they are often designed to help with a wide range of foot problems. You should consider getting custom orthotics because they can be custom tailored for your exact issue, are useful for a variety of situations, and can make your more comfortable. Custom Tailored One of the main reasons to utilize a custom orthotic is that a foot specialist can actually work with you in order to discover the exact type of orthotic that you need in order to resolve your foot issues.

9 November 2015

How To Help Your Baby With Hip Dislocation


So you've just had a baby, and they are found to have a dislocated hip. Well, congratulations on the baby first off! Secondly, don't despair; this is not as uncommon as most would think. Whether this was from the actual birthing procedure or from something that has happened after, hip dislocations do occur and are relatively easy to correct. There are a few things that you can do to help your baby regain proper function of their hip.

14 October 2015