Signs You Need Shoulder Surgery


Shoulder surgery is a serious medical need that you shouldn't ignore. Whether your shoulder hurts from a recent injury, severe accident, or other condition, you shouldn't ignore the chronic pain you experience every day.

Here are signs you need shoulder surgery that you should talk to your doctor about. The sooner you realize surgery is imminent and schedule the procedure, the sooner you can heal your painful shoulder and lead a more productive life.

Mobility Issues

If you can only lift your arm to a certain height, are unable to put weight on your shoulder, or feel massive pain or restriction when using your shoulder fully, surgery may be required. Your doctor will examine your shoulder and arm, paying attention to the way your muscles move and how they feel.

You will also receive X rays to determine if your bones are affecting the mobility of your shoulder, and you may undergo other examinations to look at your muscle and tendon tissues as well.

Nerve Damage

Nerve damage in your shoulder and arm is another indicator that surgery is necessary in order for you to heal. Nerves can be damaged by swollen or damaged muscles, pinched nerves from bone destruction, or other issues.

Your shoulder surgery will involve treating specific nerves that cause you pain or are injured, and your shoulder will be repaired as much as possible. Nerve damage can be felt prior to surgery in the form of stabbing or shooting pains, numbness in your arm or shoulder (with or without movement), and tingling sensations in your fingers or up your arm.

Chronic Pain

Your shoulder injury may leave you with chronic pain that over the counter or even prescription medications and steroids to reduce swelling don't help with. Chronic pain can leave you fatigued, irritated, and can compromise your quality of life.

Your doctor will closely monitor the way your shoulder is currently healing and will track whether your shoulder pain is improving or steadily getting worse. If your chronic pain is worsening or not getting better, then surgery is a wise decision to help you improve your condition. A practitioner like those represented at can tell you more.

When you get shoulder surgery, it's important to take time off work and school to heal properly. You may need physical therapy to help regain mobility and strength in your arm and shoulder and to heal properly. Follow your doctor's instructions for preparing for shoulder surgery, and use the resources available to you to fully heal from your surgery.


26 March 2018

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