These Types of Massage Are Critical for Physical Therapy


For many clients, physical therapy is highly reliant on massage. Massage is a great component of physical therapy for those with serious injuries and ailments. Do you want to know what kinds of massage options to expect from physical therapy? These are some of the options that may be involved.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is a popular option that you will find in spas, gyms, and clinics. This massage style uses specific types of strokes, including kneading, friction, percussion, vibration, and smooth strokes. If you want to relax or are recovering from an injury, this is a good option for you, especially as a beginner to massage.

Hot Stone Massage

While hot stone massage is often associated with relaxation, it is also a good option for physical therapy because of the heat element. The hot stones allow the physical therapist to penetrate the muscles more easily. It eases the muscles into the movements.

Deep Tissue Massage

If you have had a serious injury or have experienced serious muscle knots, deep tissue massage is a good option. This massage style cuts through layers of muscle and tissue to address pain and tightness. It also helps you with strains and injuries.

Remember that deep tissue massage can be intense, and you may experience a lot of pressure. It is important to discuss injuries and expectations with your physical therapist ahead of time.

Sports Massage

Physical therapists can also provide sports massage, which addressed sports injuries and provides stretches and massages to improve athletic performance. It can also help improve flexibility, which reduces the chance of injury in the future.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu, a Japanese style of massage, helps to create localized pressure via the fingers and elbows. This type of massage uses pressure and acupressure. For people who come to physical therapy for stress and tension-related concerns, shiatsu can be a good option.

Physical Therapy for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy massage must be performed with great care, and the changing body of a pregnant woman is best addressed by a physical therapist. Pregnancy can cause issues like back pain and swelling at the feet and ankles, and prenatal massage provides more care than any regular massage provider.

Physical Therapy Massage Can Help

Physical therapy is a great time to get a massage. Massage is often used before or after stretching and other exercises, especially if you are trying to work out an injury. Make an appointment with a physical therapist to learn more about your massage and therapy options.


1 April 2021

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